The UK Israel EdTech Investment Table has been launched

UK Israel EdTech Task Force

The Hub had the honour of launching in partnership with MindCET a new UK Israel EdTech Task Force and Investment Table.

The main investor in the new venture is Arie Capital, a UK fund specializing in Israeli technological investment. It will initially invest $250,000 in each of 4-6 ventures annually, and in the next stage the fund is likely to grow to $30 million.

As part of the cooperation in the Task Force, Israeli startups will be able to test their products in the large market of the UK educational system, while UK startups will be able to test their products on diverse and special populations such as those existing in Israel.

British Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey said: “EdTech is a key area of synergy between the UK and Israel. The UK education system is among the best in the world, with a strong appetite for innovation and staying ahead of the curve. Israeli EdTech offers exactly that. The UK Israel Tech Hub has been working for the past 5 years on strengthening the connection between the two countries in this field, by supporting initiatives like the UK Israel EdTech Task Force. We look forward to seeing the results of this new initiative and its benefits for the future of education”.

The launch took place in London in an exclusive event, bringing together senior representatives of financing, educational industry, administration, EdTech clusters and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Following 3 years of efforts in building a shared EdTech ecosystem, Dona Haj, head of the Hub’s London office, said: ”We are very happy to launch the EdTech investment table and we strongly believe it will contribute to the EdTech ecosystem both in the UK and Israel. This is a great opportunity for EdTech innovators with scalable products to expand their commercial operations and become global players with a track record that can feed back into the sector”.

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