Education technology of the future discussed and awarded in London

EdTech Taskforce

Hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, executives, educators and politicians in the fields of education took part in a unique event in London this week: the fifth annual meeting of the UK Israel EdTech Taskforce and the Global EdTech Startup Awards (GESA) – the biggest competition for education innovation in the world.

The winners of the first prize in the Innovation category, including a $50,000 prize and new opportunities for business development and mentoring, is StoryBot – an Israeli startup that developed a VR console allowing kids to create educational worlds through body movement.

The winners of the AI category are Claned from Finalnd and the winners of the Literacy category are Tactopus from India. The global winner of GESA 2017 is Japan’s Arcterus.

The prizes were awarded by the UK Israel Tech Hub and MindCET as part of the UK Israel EdTech Taskforce – an initiative aimed at creating of a joint UK-Israeli ecosystem for the global EdTech network.

The event also featured the 5th annual meeting of the Taskforce, in which 35 senior representatives from the UK and Israel such as Pearson Publishing, UCL, BESA, DCMS, Bracha Foundation and more gathered to discuss the future of EdTech and the promotion of bilateral works in the field, and the launch Teachers & Startups EdTech Alliance, providing certificates for teachers who implement EdTech innovation in classrooms, providing startups with opportunities to pilot their products and access to educational systems.

MindCET CEO Avi Warshavsky said: “Education is turning global – the Israeli partnership with the British tech ecosystem is natural, as both countries face similar challenges and opportunities of growth. We started the GESA competition in order to promote innovation in education technologies and turn EdTech into a global social movement. Our goal is to help narrow gaps in education opportunities and promote development through giving teachers, students and educators use a wide range of innovative tools”.

Dona Haj of the UK Israel Tech Hub said: “The British education system is among the best in the world, which makes it a natural partner to the Israeli tech industry. The cooperation between the countries had advanced significantly thanks to the UK Israel EdTech Taskforce and the prizes granted this year will benefit students and teachers in the UK, Israel and many other countries”.

UK Israel EdTech Taskforce and awards

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