Royalty Meets Tech – HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge gets a taste of Start-up Nation Innovations

His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge attended a tech innovation demo on Tuesday evening at the UK Ambassador’s official residence in Ramat Gan, 26 June, in the presence of PM Netanyahu and moderated by the UK Israel Tech Hub.

The Duke met four Israeli start-up companies  and heard the story behind their products:

  • ReWalk invented a robotic exoskeleton that enables individuals with spinal cord injury to stand upright, walk, turn, climb and descend stairs.
  • OrCam created a wearable assistive technology device, fitted to an individual’s glasses, enabling those with visual impairment to read, perform daily activities, and live more independently. (pictured above: Ziv Aviram, Co-Founder and CEO of OrCam demonstrating to HRH the capabilities of MyEye 2.0, allowing visually impaired to read texts and identify faces.)
  • MyndLift developed interactive games to help children and teenagers with ADHD build their concentration.
  • AlgoBrix is teaching kids the basic of coding using physical Lego bricks and fun robots.

Radi Kaiuf, a paraplegic, demonstrating to HRH ReWalks’s exoskeleton allowing him to stand up from his wheelchair and walk around.

Aziz Kaddan, Founder and Amr Khalalily, Art Director of Myndlift showcasing to HRH their neurofeedback gaming solution for patients with ADHD and other Mental Health issues. (credit: Ben Kelmer)

HRH trying AlgoBrix’s lego-based game meant to teach children the basic principles of coding. In the photo: Amir Asor, CEO and Irit Lederich, Head of Pedagogy , and our very own Ayelet Mavor, Director of the Hub. (credit: Ben Kelmer)


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