Our Services

What can we do for you?

Whether you are a British company looking for cutting-edge innovation, or an Israeli startup seeking to grow through the UK, we’re here to help. As tech and business experts based in Tel Aviv and London, our services are tailored for your business needs. As a government-backed, not-for-profit initiative, we have no agenda besides your success!

Our services

Innovation advisory project

Identifying targeted solutions, partners and models of collaboration: from overviews of trends to introducing you to the right companies.

Business delegations

Targeted delegations between the UK and Israel. We don’t do “business tourism” – we connect you to the right people for your needs.

Bespoke visits

For top executives or policymakers to pursue strategic innovation partnerships and exchange best practices.

Conferences & Workshops

We always look for the practical angle – sharing relevant information and identifying possibilities for business and technology collaboration.

Networking events

Targeted events in the UK and Israel, creating opportunities to meet potential business and tech partners – and have fun!

Information and Policy

​​Bringing together leading experts and policymakers to learn about business trends and opportunities and exchange information on technology cooperation and economic growth.


Helping you get the best publicity for your innovation and business success, in the UK, Israel and beyond.

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