10 Israeli Health-Tech startups are going to London

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Updated on 3 February 2020

We are happy to announce the 10 Israeli Heath-Tech Startups that will join us on the TeXchange2020 Health Innovation programme.

>> Take a look at the TeXchange 2020 Booklet with all the updated information about the delegation and the programme

The 10 Israeli companies were selected by a UK-Israeli judging panel, out of almost 100 applicants, and will go to London this February. The companies will meet and engage with the UK’s leading healthcare stakeholders in the fields of Big Pharma, healthcare provision, pharmacy retail, local and national government, and more.

AstraZeneca, NHSX, Care UK, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Amazon Web Services will host the startups for a series of targeted events. Leading venture capital fund LocalGlobe will introduce the delegation to top-tier UK investors.

TeXchange, organised annually by the UK Israel Tech Hub, has already resulted in more than 20 signed UK-Israel partnership deals. In past years, TeXchange focused on smart mobility, cybersecurity, retail-tech, fintech and other areas. Hundreds of UK companies and over 60 Israeli startups have taken part in TeXchange activities so far, with this year’s programme among the largest in terms of UK participation.

The Israeli companies participating include Binah.aiBreezometerEarlySenseMedial EarlySignMedivizordocdok.healthSivan InnovationSelfit Medical and Vaica Medical.

TeXchange, organised annually by the UK Israel Tech Hub, has already resulted in more than 20 signed UK-Israel partnership deals. In past years, TeXchange focused on smart mobility, cybersecurity, retail-tech, fintech and other areas. Hundreds of UK companies and over 60 Israeli startups have taken part in TeXchange activities so far, with this year’s programme among the largest in terms of UK participation. The Israeli companies participating include Binah.ai, Breezometer, EarlySense, Medial EarlySign, Medivizor, docdok.health, Sivan Innovation, Selfit Medical and Vaica Medical.

Neil Wigan, British Ambassador to Israel, said:  “This programme is an important part of the strong, deep and modern partnership between Israel and the UK. Healthcare Innovation has become increasingly important to the UK, and could benefit greatly from Israel’s medical technology capabilities.”

Matthew Gould, CEO of NHSX, said: “In predictive analysis, Israel has made impressive progress on population health, and NHS can learn from its experience”.

Dan Hufton, Head of Technology Innovation at AstraZeneca, said: “We are attracted to Israel’s healthcare ecosystem as it enables a rapid transition from discovery to delivery of solutions”.


List of Israeli HealthTech companies going to TeXchange



Binah.ai offers ready-to-use, AI-powered Digital Healthcare applications based on contactless, video-only vital signs measurements. Its unique technological mix of signal processing and AI transforms any camera on any device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, car dashboard etc.) into a medical-grade, extremely accurate monitoring solution. Binah.ai’s heart rate variability (HRV) measurements offer the basis for a wide range of body measurements such as: oxygen saturation, respiration rate, mental stress level and blood pressure (coming soon).  Binah.ai’s solutions are available as an SDK for Android and iPhone or as a white label application platform. The app runs on the device, without the need for internet connection.



BreezoMeter, the world’s leader in location-based, real-time air quality, pollen, and fires data, covers more than 5.5 billion people worldwide in more than 90 countries, improving health by providing intuitive and actionable data. Using governmental sensors, satellites, local weather, transportation dynamics, and other sources, BreezoMeter gives companies the tools to increase user engagement and sales, and impact lives with accurate data, including pollutant concentrations and forecast. BreezoMeter offers its data via API to enterprises of diverse industries, including Pharmaceuticals, fitness and lifestyle, skincare, medical device, and mobility. 


https://www.docdok.healthdocdok.health is the Netflix of healthcare by utilizing patient-generated health data to deliver personalized healthcare. With our HIPPA- and GDPR-compliant docdok platform we digitalize the traditional physician / patient interface to address major pain points and to enrich existing clinical information (e.g., from hospitals, private doctors or payors) with day-to-day patient-generated health data, both in clinical and study settings. With our ‘ARC DTx FastTrack Engine’ we accelerate the development and validation of medical-grade software. We focus on two business areas: (1) DTx Enabling & RWE Studies and (2) Digital Therapeutics (DTx), enabling the paradigm shift from volume- to value-based healthcare. 



EarlySense® is the global leader in contact-free, continuous monitoring solutions for the healthcare continuum. EarlySense assists clinicians in early detection of patient deterioration. EarlySense’s FDA and CE cleared system includes the patented contactless sensor which accurately and continuously monitors heart rate, respiratory rate and movement. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analytics we provide actionable health insights and enable clinical staff to quickly identify patient deterioration and prevent potential adverse events. In 2020 EarlySense’s technology will be available in a compact cloud-based module that will allow caregivers, telehealth companies and a variety of product developers to integrate and expand their remote patient monitoring capabilities. 


IMNA’s system is a key solution for gathering key patient information in between clinical visits and transforming all the disperse data to a concise actionable support system for care teams and patients alike. The digital connections enable care teams to keep patients in their line of sight beyond the walls of the “inpatient” care and lowers the barriers of patient communication with the care team thus, improving the patients’ ability to self-manage their chronic condition, while enabling care teams to deliver more targeted assistance, using automated self- care programs and personalized treatment / follow-up protocols. 

Medial Earlysign


Medial EarlySign helps healthcare systems with their early detection and

prevention of high-burden and chronic diseases. Our outcome-focused software solutions (AlgoMarkers™) find subtle, early signs of high-risk patient trajectories in existing lab results and ordinary EHR data already collected in the course of routine care. EarlySign’s validated clinical solutions are rooted in deep expertise in Machine Learning.  They help clients identify patients at high risk for conditions like bowel cancer, prediabetic progression to diabetes, downstream diabetic complications, chronic kidney disease (CKD), and CVD. They aid healthcare systems with identifying early opportunities for disease prevention, intervention, and enhanced care management.



Medivizor – Health information, personalized. For life. Medivizor radically empowers patients post-diagnosis of serious/chronic illness. Medivizor’s patented, award-winning platform, empowers patients by providing them, their caregivers, and their doctors, access to the latest, personally-relevant, medical science, in a way they can understand and act. Medivizor helps healthcare providers, biopharma, and other health stakeholders, by educating, engaging, and empowering patients for the long term, saving them time, reducing costs, and improving patient satisfaction. Medivizor is a live service, already distributed and endorsed by leading healthcare providers and non-profits, and trusted by over 150,000 members/subscribers.

Selfit Medical


Selfit has created a unique Human-machine therapy intervention for the ageing population based on Neuroscience and AI. Our robot therapist could ultimately replace a human therapist in hospitals/clinics/senior living facilities, and later on at home. The robot conducts digital clinical assessments and accordingly builds up a personalized program for the patient’s physical and cognitive needs while supporting and monitoring him along the program. The data is analyzed using Machine Learning for better outcomes and predictions. The company has clinical validation with Stroke patients and continue validating with elderly population, Parkinson’s and Cardiac patients. We’ve just started sales in Israel. 

Sivan Innovation


Sivan developed Moovcare® a digital therapeutics application intent to increase patient’s longevity, improve quality of life and help physician to save time through PROM. We have built an intelligent platform, with a unique algorithm that enables early detection of relapses and complications, the application enables personalized patient care. Hospitals are using Moovcare® for better monitoring their patients, reducing workload and allowing prioritization of clinical visits. Capturing and analyzing real-world data enables more personalized and effective care. Moovcare® is a medical device which has been deployed in many hospitals in France and soon in the UK.

Vaica Medical


Vaica provides medication adherence and digital Patient Support technology for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare providers. Its innovative, proven solutions are used worldwide and provide medication management for patients to improve care outcome. Our vision is tailoring the most innovative adherence solutions while keeping patient outcomes at heart. Vaica’s solutions include physical, smart medication dispensers that are real-time connected to a strong cloud infrastructure. The software end is managed by using an intuitive user portal for remote management and monitoring.