2nd cohort of Dangoor health initiative kicks off

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Two outstanding Israeli health tech companies visited London in July to kickoff the second cohort of the UK Israel Dangoor Health Initiative.  DarioHealth and Agamon – the companies selected by the initiative met  key NHS and private sector stakeholders and learned about pain points, challenges and solutions they deal with. All the activities and meetings were organised by the Hub’s partners DigitalHealth.London.

The UK Israel Dangoor Healthcare Initiative is designed to streamline the best of Israeli digital health innovation into the UK. The Initiative is based at the exclusive IBM AlphaZone accelerator in Israel and includes trips to the UK for bespoke business navigation services by DigitalHealth.London.

The programme aims to encourage digital health startups in Israel to plug their technologies into the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

Each cohort, two to three companies receive technological and business development support from IBM, whilst simultaneously DigitalHealth.London – a UK-based programme that aims to speed up the development of digital healthcare innovations and pioneer their adoption by the NHS – delivers a programme uniquely tailored for the companies.

The programme is funded by British businessman and philanthropist David Dangoor, known for previous contributions to health and education causes in the UK and Israel.

In the first cohort of the initiative, three companies were selected based on the potential of their healthcare solutions to benefit NHS patients and priorities: Neurotech Solutions, Day Two and Orpheus. Through the programme, the companies built a wide network of local partners that help in partnering with the NHS.