9 Israeli start-ups join NatWest’s fintech accelerator

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We are proud to present the Israeli companies who have joined Natwest’s Fintech Accelerator programme, following the roadshow we hosted them for where they met Israel’s most promising entrepreneurs.

EasySend – A  DTM (Digital Transaction Management) smart platform, that creates customer-facing digital processes, enabling enterprises to bridge the gap into the digital communications era.

Iagree – The world’s first and only Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for letting agencies. Their product is a truly autonomous machine that requires little human manipulation and is able to execute seamlessly across all the different tasks involved in the rent process.

PayMe – Offer payment processing, cross-border transactions, invoices, recurring billing, online shopping cart, offline POS and more, maintaining high level of security, using PCI-1 standards.

Privacy Rating – A privacy-tech start-up that develops a scalable enterprise grade SW platform for management, control and prevention of unauthorized private data leakage from the end users’ device while browsing the business website or using its apps.

Algosave – Transforming risk analytics into competitive edge for leading financial institutions. The company offers investors and financial institutions a Machine Learning and Big Data based, quantitative corporate valuation and credit-risk Financial Technology.

Valid Network – A Blockchain Security Platform (BSP) blending Blockchain transactions with traditional enterprise systems and generates full transparency to achieve true trust internal and federated between organizations.

Cred – Cred utilizes ML to generate a highly personal investment portfolio for each client, using data to match their interests, values, demographics, background, and more – while ensuring a robust, risk-adjusted investment over the long-term.

ForceNock – Protects company web assets and APIs from the most sophisticated cyber-attacks, including bots, OWASP top 10, and more.

Deceptive Bytes – Prevents unknown & sophisticated cyber attacks that are able to evade other security systems, using deception technology on the endpoint