Biomed Conference, May 2019

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This year the hub led a cross-embassy initiative during the MiXiii Biomed conference which took place in Tel Aviv last May. We used the annual conference as a focal point for UK companies to meet with Israel’s health-tech players. During a jam packed 3 days we held dozens of meetings between 11 major UK health companies and innovative Israeli tech companies. Delegates included the NHSA, a long-standing partner of the hub, alongside the UK’s BioIndustry Association (BIA) who presented British medtech business. Keith Millier, Head of Corporate Engagement, NHSA shared, “Everyone understands that there is an incredibly high innovation quotient in Israel, and the creativity and innovative power of Israel is well-known in quite a small market.” 
We’re looking forward to even more exciting life science and health innovation collaborations between the UK and Israel.

 Photo Credit: Elad Malki