UK-Israel Edtech Map

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UK-Israel Edtech Map

Phone Credit: Aleks Dorohovich

We are proud to present the interactive UK-Israel Edtech Map which showcases some of the top pioneering technologies coming out of the UK and Israel  tackling the global disruption in education caused by COVID-19.
Although we have been aware of the rush  in the past months for online video delivery to replace face-to-face contact we have chosen to focus on solutions that offer a longer term impact and rely on people’s willingness to adopt technologies that enhance and improve, rather than replicate the same experiences.

The two sides of the map complement each other and offer a variety of innovative solutions such as platforms that provide highly interactive and personalised content through the use of machine learning to apps that improve data collection and support decision making by schools, teachers and parents.  

As education worldwide is shifting student-centred learning, another key component of the map is around building learning environments that are safe, intuitive and engaging through the use of gamification, AI and VR as well as assistive technologies to better teach students with special needs and creating an inclusive learning environment for everyone.

The map demonstrates clearly that Edtech is a key area of synergy. The UK is a world leader in UX, Design Thinking and Pedagogy paired with Israel’s competitive advantage in AI, Data and Cyber can jointly offer a strong response and recovery from COVID-19 as well positively disrupt the education landscape. 

Ultimately for innovation to thrive in the sector, at the required scale, it is important that incubators, accelerators, and venture capital investors in both countries work together to create a sustainable environment for investment, growth and integration. 

Many thanks to our dedicated partners – Nesta, MindCet Educate, EdTech Impact, BrightEye VC and Arie Capita and to the selected companies (or innovative solutions) featured on the map.

Dona Haj – UK Director, UK Israel Tech Hub

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