Destination UK: Global Tech Connect’s inaugural roundtable

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Destination UK: Global Tech Connect’s inaugural roundtable is the official launching event of a new international tech alliance in the UK

About this Event

The events of recent months have shown how crucial the mutual support provided by a reliable (virtual) startup community can be. The United Kingdom will always be a magnet for international scale-ups, but there might soon be a few more bumps along the road to scaling growth in the UK. That’s why ten countries have come together in a forward-thinking initiative to help navigate the European tech industry through choppy waters ahead.

Global Tech Connect UK is an alliance of UK-based international startup programmes and organisations, each supporting tech companies from their respective national ecosystems while strengthening partnerships across Europe in the face of Brexit, Covid-19 and whatever other challenges might come our way. GTC UK’s founder partners represent Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Lebanon and the UK.

This event on the 4th of November 2020, will be the official launch of GTC UK by an inaugural virtual roundtable for European startup founders, entrepreneurs, VCs, BAs, ecosystem partners, policymakers, corporate innovators, and educational institutions. During the event, we will be mapping out ways to enter the UK and exploring strategic approaches to growing and scaling businesses here in these unprecedented times.