AI for life insurance companeis


Atidot is an insurance technology company empowering the life insurance industry to take ownership of their books of business. Atidot’s cloud-based platform provides life insurers with data-driven insights to inform decision making and develop new business strategies. Founded by a team of data scientists and life actuaries, including the former Chief Actuary at the Israel insurance commissionaire, Atidot is working with leading insurance providers to allow them to take control of their existing data to improve understanding of customers’ behaviour and create visibility into their risk, thereby optimising the balance sheet. Atidot offers a turn key solution, fully integrated with policy admin, cash flow models and CRMs.


Insurance regulators across Europe are currently relaxing some of the capital requirements under solvency ii. Customer lapsation has a major impact on the life insurance company liability side, especially with unit linked protection products. Atidot’s predictive analytics platform can predict life insurance customer lapsation at a much more granular and accurate levels than the currently used methods. By applying our platform to a book of business, we allow the regulator to relax some of the capital requirements relating to that book of business, while still maintaining the scientific standards required by the regulatory authority.


We are the only company with a sharp focus on applying AI to life insurance books of business. We bring together a deep understanding of databases, data science and actuarial science.



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