Forerunner of 2nd generation ID authentication and onboarding automation in KYC-regulated markets.


AU10TIX is the forerunner of 2nd generation ID authentication & onboarding automation. AU10TIX powers players such as Paypal, Goolge, AirBnB, BBVA bank, Payoneer, Uber, Coinbase. AU10TIX 2nd generation technology enables 100% automation, forensic-level forgery, counterfeiting and collateral risk detection, multi-modal biometric face-matching, POA handling and KYC screening. AU10TIX 2nd generation technology offers up to +300% better conversion rates and rapid-response exception reporting – all at average processing speed of 6-8 seconds. The technology is known to improve customer conversion while reducing costs and improving robustness of regulatory KYC compliance. AU10TIX is subsidiary one of the world’s leading airport security companies.


AU10TIX is the ONLY provider of fully-automated customer onboarding in KYC-regulated markets. Existing solutions are automated at the front-end (Customer side), while being manual at the server-side (Back-offices). Hence AU10TIX is not only unaffected, but sees a surge in demand.


100% automation end-to-end; forensic-level forgery, counterfeiting, and risk flag detection; up to +300% better conversion rates in borderline quality images; augment penetration monitoring service (2nd line of defense); deep global coverage.


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