BeeEye develops the EyeOnRisk. E2E simplified AI driven credit risk modeling platform.


In the terbulat credit market, banks and lenders risk analysts & data scientists use BeeEye’s EyeOnRisk Platform to reduce risk by improving their modeling (PD) capabilities using advanced explainable AI. The EyeOnRisk Maximizes the utilization of current and new data sources with simplified user interface and is financial compliant by design. It has complete explainability and no black-boxes. The EyeOnRisk enables lenders’ risk teams higher agility in model life-cycle, shorter TTM to deploy improved models, and new adaptive monitoring to adjust to change. In a post Covid-19 hard credit market, banks and lenders MUST use far advanced proven methods to refrain heavy losses and enable credit to their customers.


It addresses the need in the risk departments, which rises considerably now.


1. Designed for banking, regulation and audit built in.
2. Advanced algorithms assists reaching higher accuracy
3. Simplified UX boosts modelers’ effectiveness and UX
4. Transparency and Explainability enables adopting AI in compliant way



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