Click-Ins uses an innovative, multidisciplinary technology based on a combination of AI, Deep Learning, photogrammetry, 3D modeling, applied mathematics, and computer vision to identify damage to a vehicle with just the click of any digital camera.


As fraud from damages is prevalent in the industry, Click-Ins has mastered the ontology of vehicles in order to provide the most accurate vehicle damage recognition and fraud detection platform. Under no preexisting conditions and with a handful of images, we are able to provide accurate findings of the damage’s type, location, and size. Using our patent-pending technology, we convert each damage into unique identifiers and help enable insurance, rental car, and carshare companies to integrate new and automated ways to understand and evaluate the damage of vehicles.


Creating new and automated ways from traditional approaches.


We are the next technological enabler for the industry, we offer a very precise high confidence level accuracy. We work with no preexisting conditions. We have a 100% market fit. We train our systems using our own images and models, and we never comprises anyone’s data.


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