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Online – Auto underwriting and credit risk scoring of SMEs for Lenders credit decision


Founded in 2015, CRiskCo mission is to empower lenders to have complete credit risk control and real time visibility into the health of their SME loan books. Ever since, CRiskCo has been recognized by numerous organizations, including ICBA, BBVA, Queensland Government, PitchIt, and more. CRiskCo is a multinational company with offices in the US, Australia, and Israel and currently operates in the US, UK, Australia and Mexico.


CRiskCo is an online, real-time underwriting tool. It automates the loan application process for commercial lenders specifically designed for Small and Medium business.
Credit access for small and medium business is becoming one of the main bottlenecks for SMEs economical survival these days, in todays situation without access to credit most of the small and medium business will not last.

This is where we can help:

1. By Online onboarding of credit applications – no need to move anywhere
2. By real-time auto financial underwriting the SMEs- based on actual up-to-date data
3. By Providing a real time financial reporting of the SMEs
4. Online tracking of SMEs financial status before and after the COVID-19 crisis – better filtering and prioritizing financial aid
5. Management dashboard for loan/Credit decision makers – tracking performance and effectiveness of the financial aid

Below please find a link to what we have done in AU with Queensland government for one of their SMEs grants


CRiskCo’s platform provides automated financial insights, credit reports and ongoing monitoring and alerting on businesses financial health. CRiskCo collects data directly from the business accounting system, standardizes it and runs predictive analytics to provide a risk score, financial health measurements and alerts on a real-time basis.
Key Benefits:
1. 60 seconds SMEs on-boarding time
2. Lowering the risk exposure
3. Automating financial spreading including calculating key financial ratios (DSO,Quick Ratio, Debt Ratio)
4. Real-time financial alerting
5. Increasing financial visibility
6. Shortening the underwriting process from 21 days in average, to minutes



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