DBS-H Ltd.

Real time streaming of core data to cloud and data lakes.


DBS-H has developed advanced technology for real time streaming of data from core enterprise databases to external environments such as big data and cloud. Our product is real time without putting any new load on the core systems so there is no impact while the data is streamed out “as soon as it is created.”


DBS-H enables work-from-home by streaming data in real time from core systems to hybrid cloud environments. This will allow many more enterprise workers to do their jobs without needing to connect to the main systems but rather by accessing cloud databases that are receiving real time data updates via DBS-H software


CR8, our product, addresses the widest range of cloud and big data environments, it is simple to deploy, configure and maintain (can be deployed in less than one day), it puts no load or risk on the source and is priced aggressively.



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