No-code platform for building and optimizing digital customer journeys.


EasySend empowers insurance and financial institutions to turn manual processes into digital customer journeys quickly, efficiently, and without writing a single line of code.
Fully optimized digital journeys powered by EasySend enable customers to reduce frictionand achieve an uplift in completion rates, eliminate manual data collection, reduce operational costs, and maintain data integrity.
EasySend’s no-code platform enables insurance and financial institutions to accelerate and scale the development of highly customized, complex, responsive, secure, and compliant digital workflows, making customer data collection simple and enjoyable.


EasySend empowers enterprises to quickly transition paper forms and outdated digital tools such as PDF to fully responsive digital journeys that allow them to continue servicing their customers remotely, improve customer experience and gather necessary data for core business processes.


EasySend is a fully integrated no-code platform that empowers business experts and citizen developers to quickly build digital journeys to support core business processes with no coding required. EasySend has developed a unique AI-driven Kadabra tool that automatically converts paper and PDF documents into digital journeys in a matter of minutes. Just add your design, and you are good to go.



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