Facetrom is the first technology to builds a user’s behavior prediction only from a 2D facial photo with “zero” friction with the user at 92.7% accuracy.


2.9B people in the world are unbanked, they can’t get services from financial companies.
They can’t promote their life and buying education, health or any other important services.
Today, 87% of the borrows in emerging countries borrow from non-formal channels. Non-formal channels companies decline 75% (average) of the customers, even with this high number of declines, 20% of the confirmed customers are defaults.
Facetrom developed the first technology that predicts the potential risk of the customer being a fraudster or not pay back his loan only from 2D facial photos with “zero” friction with the user at 92.4% accuracy. 
Facetrom disregard discriminative factors such as races, gender, age, demography. 
All the photos that Facetrom analyzes are anonymous with 100% privacy protection.


Risk analysis for borrows


Facetrom use “zero” friction with users
Facetrom rely on objective data (comparing to questionnaires and social networks and smartphone detection)
No discrimnation


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