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Glassbox was founded in 2010 to help organisations manage the digital unknown.


We help Enterprises manage the digital unknown. And we do that via the first analytics platform to automatically record, index and analyse 100% of digital interactions. We are a global company, headquartered in London with offices in New York City and Tel-Aviv. We provide automatic insights to help businesses cope with the digital unknown. Glassbox gives enterprises the crucial insights they need in order to make quick business decisions. We capture literally everything that happens on your site or app with no tagging required. You can then use our intuitive dashboards to focus on the metrics that matter most for your business and your customers. Among our customers we count the worlds largest banks, travel companies, airlines, telcos and retailers.


Now more than ever, digital is a critical channel to help customers and firms get through the Covid 19 crisis. For some people, digital is the only way people can access the services they need. The crisis has resulted in:
– People who have not used digital before having to use it for the first time
– People using digital far more than before
– Firms extending the scope of their digital offerings
– Firms having to dynamically change their website design and content in response to developments

Glassbox can be deployed quickly and easily – in a matter of a few hours/days. Once deployed, Glassbox immediately starts to give firms the ability to:
– Help customers in real time to access and use their website
– Automatically monitor customer struggles and provide the root cause analysis so that issues with the website can be quickly
fixed and customers can get the service or product they need
– Provide a complete record of what a customer saw and did in the event of a complaint or dispute
– Automate compliance and regulatory requirements (which haven’t been suspended in the difficult time)
The SaaS solution can be deployed and supported remotely with no need for staff to go on site – so keeping social distancing guidelines.

Glassbox is offering firms the opportunity to try our Augmented Analytics for Customer Experience solution for web and mobile apps today free of charge for the first 8 weeks with no minimum contract.


– Saas (and on premise)
– Web and Mobile
– Handles PII
– Simple and fast to install
– Automatic Insights
– Automatic Journey Mapping
– Automatic Struggle analysis
– Automatic alerts and monitoring
– One solution used across all functions
– Most accurate replay
– Forensic record (including AI personalised content)
– Real time co-browsing
– One-time import of single JS or SDK
– No tagging
– Remote implementation and training



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