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“Credit scoring for the under-banked based on personal character.”


IA uses psychometrics and machine learning to assess creditworthiness based on a borrower’s personal character. Our mission is to facilitate financial inclusion, and help more good people qualify for the affordable credit they deserve.
We believe that in the world of credit, people should be measured not only on their credit histories, but on their characters as well. Our solution is an ultra-brief online questionnaire platform that measures specific traits that are predictive of loan repayments, and augments traditional credit scores, allowing lenders to approve more loans to those in need.
We work with banks and online lenders, and have successfully tested over 600k applicants in 18 countries, including the UK, and have helped to increase approvals by over 20%.


In the age of Covid-19, due to unemployment and business closures, the need for short-term credit has increased significantly. In parallel, banks and lenders strive to reduce their portfolio risks, and may be unable to rely on their traditional bureau credit scores in this new economic situation. As a result, lenders may be forced to decline credit to many of those in need. IA offers a solution.
We help financial institutions identify customers who are trustworthy, responsible, and potentially very valuable borrowers, but who might otherwise not qualify for credit. Character traits such as these, are known to be critical for good borrowers’ behaviors, but are seldom addressed by traditional credit models. Our psychometric scores are forward-thinking, and not based on historical data. Our solution therefore augments traditional credit models, especially in critical times like these, when a borrower’s personal character plays an increasingly important role in their financial behaviors. In the past, we have focused on helping the traditionally “underbanked” or “marginal” applications, and now lenders are using our solution for the broader population as well. Our solution helps lenders: (1) reduce their current portfolio risks, (2) increase credit approvals, (3) service loans and collections more personally.


Our solution offers an alternative credit scoring solution that is unique in several respects:
1. No one is unscorable
2. 3-4 minutes to complete
3. No PIIs collected
4. No 3rd-party data
5. Agnostic to loan type
6. Fraud resistant
7. Non-biased
8. Valid for 1-2 years
9. Defensible, no “black boxes”
10. API or stand-alone



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