Helps businesses manage consumer sales and service digitally and remotely


Our mission is to digitally transform the connection between businesses and their customers, making the experience effortless, efficient and unforgettable.

Lightico empowers businesses to complete entire customer-facing processes in real time by streamlining, digitizing and automating interactions. With Lightico, businesses can instantly collect customer documents, eSignatures, eForms, payments, consent to disclosures, confirm orders and verify ID, even while they have customers on their mobile phone.

By simplifying these processes, businesses complete sales cycles faster and service their customers effortlessly, earning customer’s trust and loyalty, translating to higher profits.


These are challenging times for all humans on the planet. We are all changing our lifestyle. Business immediately became more challenging. From one you have the customers which are afraid to leave home and they only have their mobile device on them – and businesses have either moved or are moving to a new WFH environment.

Face to face interactions are no longer and option

So More than ever businesses need to work remotely. And More than ever customers need to manage their personal and professional lives remotely.

The main problem is that most businesses are not set up for that. They are used to people that come into retail shops, print, fax, scan, email, all of those devices that don’t necessary available to the customers today.

Something that was bothersome before, especially to the Netflix generation. But something that is impossible, if not dangerous, in this new situation.

Lightico digitizes and automates interactions so businesses can effectively sell and serve customers remotely.

By receiving a simple text message with a link, the customer will be connected to a live collaboration space with our technology. In that secured space, customers can easily fill out forms, complete esignatures, and send their ID back for verification right from their cell phone in real-time- remotely.


Enterprise grade solution that securely deploys across business touchpoints to digitize and accelerate customer processes. The technology is unique in its ability to easily impact entire customer journeys include signing, forms, idv, payments and more.


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