Remitrix helps insurers make predictions of capital and risk capital that are compliant, efficient, and accurate.


We developed SaaS cloud-based which platform provides holistic tool for risk management to boost profitability for insurance companies.
The ongoing health financial and economic turmoil once again proves how regulation compliance is more than a sheer set of rules, but also a real need to protect insurers from becoming insolvent. On the other hand, regulation impose rules that reduce the insurers profitability and force them to maintain ongoing lengthy and costly reporting routine.

This is where we actually come to help insures with, we developed platform that improves reserves and capital perdition, automates the reporting process while reducing time to deliver this is under one stop shop that also mitigates the operational costs.


Our solution is web based solution and reduces operation costs.


Cloud based platform to manage risk and capital:
– Prediction accuracy: Improves reserved and capital prediction
– Automation: Reduces reporting costs and time to deliver
– Holistic and agile: Mitigates operational costs


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