RunAI Labs Ltd.

Run:AI helps companies set up and manage critical AI computing infrastructure to efficiently meet their business objectives around AI initiatives.


Run:AI aims to abstract hardware accelerators from data scientists and AI engineers to fast track the development and deployment of AI projects. We have built a virtualization software platform that allows IT administrators to manage resource allocations more efficiently, reduce infrastructure idle time, and increase cluster utilization. This, in turn, allows data scientists and AI engineers to consume more compute power to either run more experiments or to run distributed training using multiple AI Accelerators, essentially improving their productivity and the quality of their science, while shortening training times and enabling the training of very large DL models. These improvements translate into 10X increase in hardware utilization, 10x faster model training, and the use of 10x larger DL models.


To the extent that AI and Deep Learning (DL) can and will be used to help fight the pandemic, we are offering Run:AI software support to any research or healthcare non-profit organization that is working specifically on a DL initiative to fight COVID-19. Run:AI allows the dynamic pooling and sharing of expensive hardware resources like GPU and we hope we can help researchers build and train their models faster and with more efficient use of resources. We have helped many speed their time-to-market for AI initiatives, we can only hope that in donating free software to those on the front lines, that we can help speed delivery of research to help those in need.




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