Self Rating LLC

Innovating approach to credit rating, transforming it a day-to-day management tool.


Self Rating’s app – Rating-as-a-Service (RaaS) – operating on the SAP Cloud platform (OEM Partners), designed to service financial institutions, SMEs/SMB (“Businesses”) & investors alike – addressing the luck of financial literacy.
Working with this App provides; Businesses with insights leading to better financial management, Banks & Lenders, different advantages from saving on retrieval of clients’ information, Maximizing Efficiency, Diminishing Friction, Improving the Customer Experience, Leads generation, up to an Internal / External rating system in accordance with Basel directives, once getting the Controller / Supervisor approval of the app and for Investors’ ability to analyse financial with a blink of an eye.


Businesses can evaluate if applying to the different programs will not only help them to endure this period but will not destroyed them in the long run Banks & lenders can benefits to confront the overflowed of applications that they have to process and Investor to evaluate the resilience of their portfolio.


Businesses with better creditworthiness have better resilience to overcome the present crises. This is what Self Rating allowing every business, to know and improve its credit worthiness with an indicative Rating-as-a-Service (RaaS).



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