Touchless connectivity between people and devices.


SONARAX is a deep-tech ultrasonic connectivity company that has developed the most advanced data-over-ultrasound solution enabling secure, machine-to-machine connectivity. The ultrasonic software empowers touchless solutions, location-based services, access control, contactless payments, secure authentication tokens, indoor positioning and social distancing keeper technologies. Sonarax has certified embedded audio-processing DSP integrations to semiconductor leaders such as Cadence©, Ceva© and DSP Group© as well as to smart speakers’ maker, Knowles©. Sonarax’s award-winning and proprietary IP is well recognized by leaders in the academy and industry.


Amid the Coronavirus, contactless will become the new ‘must-haves’. A world of hands-free technologies will need to be designed now and implemented asap if companies that manufacture products that require shared touching to operate.
Sonarax Technologies offers an ultrasonic connectivity solution to solve the contactless challenge by replacing the human touch with mobile phones. It is secure, simple, hygienic and just simply works because sound is always on – there is no reliance on wifi, Bluetooth, internet or cellular networks.


1. Mobile phone connectivity instead of human
2. 2-Factor Authentication and GDPR compliant
3. Serverless Privacy – All data remains on-device. (unlike alternative contactless tech: face recognition, fingerprinting, palms and other biometrics)
4. Integrates SDK to mobile App and speaker to operating device. Either IoT embedded or external speaker
5. No Internet


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