Mobile Archiver, Secure and Mass Messaging


TeleMessage is transforming business mobile messaging and mobile archiving with its mission-critical solutions: Managed, Secure, Reliable and IT Ready.

The TeleMessage Mobile Archiver effectively addresses mobile phone text and call archiving for compliance, regulatory and eDiscovery response requirements. It reduces risk across a variety of industries, capturing mobile content from BYOD and corporate phones.

TeleMessage is providing secure enterprise chat for co-workers and customers by using Android/iOS mobile apps, Web portal, Email to Mobile, and a range of APIs that connect to any operational IT system.

We provide tools to deliver multi-channel bulk messaging across: SMS, MMS, Voice calls, Faxes, Email and Mobile Apps.


Our “Mobile Archiver” product line enables financial enterprises to capture and archive the SMS/MMS/calls/WhatsApp of employees in line with current regulations such as FINRA and MiFID II. In addition, TeleMessage integrates with leading email archiving vendors, so you can store the messages in the same archive where you store your emails.

To work efficiently from home, workers must use their mobile phones and we can help them do that seamlessly using standard Voice, SMS and WhatsApp while staying compliant.


1. We help financial institutions enable their workers to use their mobile phones compliantly while working from home (covering FCA and MiFID II)
2. We enable the customers to keep using their preferred communication such as WhatsApp or WeChat to communicate with the banks
3. We provide a “supermarket” of capture and archive solutions for every type of phone/geography/corporate phone policy:
a. WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS, MMS and Voice
b. BYOD or corporate owned (GDPR compliant)
c. iPhone or Android
d. Apps or not using Apps
4. We provide this capture to any existing corporate email/voice archive (e.g. Nice, Global Relay, Proofpoint, etc).
5. We are the only company in the world to capture Voice Calls on WhatsApp.


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