TestFairy is a mobile testing platform that helps companies streamline their mobile development process.


TestFairy is a mobile testing platform that helps enterprise companies streamline their mobile development process and release better apps to the market, in shorter development cycles.
TestFairy is Perfect for distributed teams and teams that work from remote.

With our SAAS Platform:

Enterprise App Distribution is secure, controlled and efficient
Your data is secure in an enterprise grade secure private cloud
Developers who are working from remote can see user interaction in real time and fix bugs as if they were sitting with their testers in the same room
Bug, crashes and errors are easily reported and managed

Our solution is an enterprise compliant alternative to TestFlight and Hockeyapp- attached is a comprehensive comparison.


TestFairy enables enterprises to face current challenges in two main aspects:
Working remotely – TestFairy enables companies to work remotely while maintaining the efficiency of their app development process.
Quality assurance for mobile applications – TestFairy enables companies to respond quickly and effectively to bugs so their digital interface with their customers is of the highest quality.


TestFairy is the leading platform which allows enterprises to streamline their mobile development process in a secure environment while providing the development team unique visual and metadata insights into the app usage during beta testing.


TestFairy is a profitable company and not looking for external funding.

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