Transmit Security

Transmit Security delivers identity innovation to the largest enterprises in the world, such as BindID: The First App-less Mobile Authenticator.


Transmit Security is the identity experience company with the mission of eliminating passwords and using stronger security to create improved digital experiences.

BindID by Transmit Security is the only passwordless authentication service that enables customers to securely navigate across all channels from any trusted device without ever using a password. BindID creates a single customer identity and binds the identity across channels, facilitating secure cross-channel access and passwordless MFA. The service authenticates customers based on their identity, not a knowledge factor, using a combination of open standards and device biometrics. BindID is built on a passwordless architecture and does not use or store a password anywhere, putting an end to the risk, frustration and overhead of passwords.


BindID can be a complete solution or be used to add depth to risk decisioning. It can provide end-to-end authentication for your users where you let BindID make the call. It can also be used as an additional scoring element in your existing risk decisioning systems, including the Transmit Security Platform.


– No mobile app or hardware is required.
– No user IDs, No passwords, No OTPs.
– Strong and secure device biometrics for fast MFA.
– Extend trust for other devices.
– Keep user profile always up-to-date.
– Convenient and consistent across all channels.
– Easy to deploy and simple to implement.


Self Funded

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