Happier Customers with Friendly Voice AI Agents.


At Voca.ai, we’re passionate about helping companies deliver happier customers at scale, through natural, intelligent and empathetic spoken conversations, delivered by our extraordinary AI-powered and EQ-enabled Voca Agents. We’re dedicated to creating a win-win collaboration between humans and AI, freeing up human agents to be their creative best, so great customer experience (CX) and great employee experience (EX) can work hand-in-hand. With simple integration and self-optimized algorithms, Voca Agents can be implemented in a flash, without loads of data and complex processes.


Voca’s AI Virtual Agents enables call centers to quickly respond to increased customer calls without adding agents and without lengthy implementation. Banks have seen a spike in call volume by 3X-4X due to COVID-19. Customers need fast responses now, more than ever as human capital issues are arising and remote working constraints are reducing the ability and efficiency of current call centers. Voca’s, AI Virtual Agents becomes a life-ring and game changer to organizations as they handle this new reality and increased call volume, maintaining a high level of service and customer satisfaction. Amidst global panic, we want to assist customer care centers in providing the highest level of service, to their most valuable asset, their customers.


– Easily respond to customers needs
– Significantly decrease call center wait times
– Available 24/7
– Assists agents to maximise their time on complex conversations
– Respond to peaks and lows of call volumes with ease



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