Get to know the TeXchange winners

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We are proud and excited to announce the winners for this year’s TeXchange competition, focusing on innovative Smart Cities Solutions. After sifting through dozens of applications, we selected the top 13 Israeli startups to join our exclusive delegation to London at the end of this month, and enjoy an immersive three-day programme including vast networking, business and investment opportunities and access to top industry leaders in the UK from companies and organizations including  TFLCity of London,  BTCentrica,  BPHoriba-MiraMeridianBird & Bird and Atkins.

And the winners are:

Otonomo – paves the way for new apps and services that make transportation safer, more convenient, and truly rewarding. Otonomo offers the first neutral automotive data services platform, which provides simple, secure data access and transforms data into actionable insights for services such as predictive maintenance, emergency services, on-demand fueling, insurance, and smart cities.

Autofleet – enables the transformation of Fleet Managers to Vehicle as a Service providers, such that spinning up vehicles becomes as easy as spinning up servers on the cloud. Using Autofleet’s platform, Fleet Managers are able to maximize fleet utilization and revenues while opening up a new “per-mile” business model.

Powhere –  Powhere is developing a solution for electric vehicle drivers to better manage the way they charge their vehicles. The company uses AI and Machine Learning technology to provide EV owners ongoing, optimised and personalised charging plans and recommendation. No more planning, no more range and queuing anxiety, no more hassle.

Radgreen – strives to create a better living and working space for people through a groundbreaking environmental insight system that leverages the power from data for any company, school, municipality, and Smart City. The RadGreen system consistently monitors the surrounding environment for air, noise and radiation pollutants while delivering real time information, alerts, and responses.

IXDen –  provides software that secures critical operations, industrial systems, smart cities and buildings against attacks through network connected IoT devices. The company introduces patent pending approach for protecting companies from tampering with information provided by IoT devices, by altering its sensors, fake substitutions and communications hijacking.

infiniDome –  pioneer in GPS cyber protection for the commercial connected / unmanned / autonomous vehicle. Today we protect truck fleets and UAVs from GPS jamming and spoofing attacks, tomorrow we protect all wireless communication an autonomous vehicle (car or drone) needs from jamming and spoofing attacks.

NoTraffic –  developing a solution that enables cities to manage and control traffic based on a network of AI sensors, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication & real-time optimization of signalized intersections.

Zen City – a new and better way for cities to incorporate data into decision making. As the only data analytics tool tailored for city leaders, they help cities supercharge their decision making processes using cutting-edge technology.

Hailo – developing a breakthrough specialized deep learning microprocessor to deliver data center performance to edge devices. The processor will run embedded AI applications on edge devices that are installed in smart city applications, smart home devices, personal assistants, smart cameras and TVs, alongside IoT, wearables and security products.

Continual – platform providing different teams of the Smart City with actionable insights and data driven planning for improving road infrastructure, public transportation, international and local tourism, large event preparation and management and more.

Spatial Logic –  developing the first scalable Visual Positioning System (VPS) – a technology that provides accurate localization, far superior to GPS, for the mobility sector which can enable different applications, including AR based & indoor navigation as well as enhanced urban navigation for ride sharing companies.

Celeno – leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions. Celeno’s Advanced chipset, edge software and cloud technology, are seamlessly integrated to take Wi-Fi beyond connectivity and deliver on the promise of a hyper-connected world. Introducing the next step in advanced Wi-Fi chipsets – Elastic MIMO™ – Celeno empowers OEMs’ and service providers with the flexibility and freedom to dynamically manage radio resources per spectrum band and function, meeting deployment and service needs. Celeno’s technologies have been adopted by OEMs and deployed in tens of millions of homes worldwide.

EnRoute – develops a personalized commerce platform which is installed into ride hailing and mass transit applications. Their service allows passengers to ride for FREE as they shop and interact. Enroute’s smart algorithms create a unique shopping experience for passengers based on the ride details and the user profile.

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