Healthcare Opportunities in the North of England

15th May 2018


Brown TLV Urban Hotel

Come and join the UK Israel Tech Hub at one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful views for a rooftop chat about healthcare opportunities in the north of England exclusive for Israelis.

We are delighted to host the NHSA – Northern Health Science Alliance – an organisation that links 8 National Health Service (NHS) teaching trusts, 8 of the top research universities and 4 academic health science networks (AHSNs) in the north. The evening will shed some light on the vast health ecosystem in northern England, which can open a new and somewhat unfamiliar door for Israeli healthcare innovation, and learn about exciting ways to test your technologies within the NHS.

Covering a population of 15 million patients, the NHSA specialises in developing research collaborations and clinical evaluation studies of new and innovative technologies within the NHS, helping to build relevant and advantageous lasting partnerships.