February: Introduction to the UK energy markets

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Event Expired!
About This Event

The UK,  is an energy giant and a world leader in everything related to the utilization of energy: from creation to distribution and usage. In this context, if you are keen to learn about innovation in foreign energy markets, join us for a deep dive into the complex but innovative UK energy market.

This will be a preliminary gathering event before the main UK-IL energy festival one, where we will be bringing top and leading figures to provide us with an overview of the structure of the UK energy market.

Additionally, we will have the opportunity to learn about the Wohl Clean Growth Alliance and the great grants programme they are offering for researchers & innovators.

This event is part of a series of events that are part of The Wohl Clean Growth Alliance – a new initiative funded by the Wohl Legacy and managed by the British Council together with the UK Science and Innovation Network in Israel (SIN), in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology. Aiming to further research-linked cooperation between the UK and Israel in areas of clean growth linked to food, water and energy.