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Database & application performance monitoring for SQL Server IT systems


AimBetter develops an artificial intelligence-based database and application performance monitoring solution (DPM/APM) used by hundreds of SME companies, which their information systems rely on Microsoft. The solution detects automatically and instantly performance problems in SQL Server, IIS, and Microsoft Server environments while understanding the connections between them. It indicates the exact source of the problem and produces recommendations for treatment and reduces resolution time. The solution is fully cloud-based, GDPR compliant, and does not require to have an in house DBA or invest in a costly on-premise environment.

Solutions for SMEs

The solution was designed for SMEs with between 50-900 employees and in particular for the following industries: Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Technology/IT, and Healthcare, which do not have an in house DBA and have SQL Server or Windows Server-based critical information systems ERPs, CRMs, WMS, etc.)


– Only fully cloud-based Database Performance and Application Monitoring solution (DPM & APM) for SQL Server and Window server-based information systems.
– Business & user-centric and designed to eliminate downtime and inefficiencies due to performance issues and minimize identification time to minutes, with precise identification and mapping of performance issues to all IT layers.
– Performance analytics and a proactive approach.
– Solves complex DBA issues without the need for an in-house DBA.
– No need for local IT infrastructure.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Database Performance Monitoring, Performance Monitoring.
Focus Industries: All, inc. Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, ICT and Healthcare.

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