Allow businesses to easily create their mobile app and online presence


AppsVillage provides an easy and inexpensive SAAS solution that allows small-to-medium businesses to create and manage their own mobile application as a means of connecting with their customers and growing their business.
AppsVillage’s technology has automated the design, development, maintenance and marketing of mobile apps, allowing any business to build, preview and launch their own application without have any code writing or digital marketing knowledge.

Solutions for SMEs

We enable SMBs a subscription based, cost-effective solution, to reach out to new customers as well as engage with the existing ones with their own powerfull marketing App.
SMBs do not have the luxury of developing their own app or employing top marketing talent that will design, analyze, and maintain their online Facebook or Google advertising campaigns.
So we provide them with a virtual one. We focused on ensuring our technology provides all online marketing SMBs cannot afford and help them grow their business online.


– Design your own App in Minutes.
– All you need is a Facebook Page or Instagram Page to get started
– Send Push Notifications of updates and sales .
– Customers can easily buy off your products online
– Customer retention features such as coupons, cash back, punch cards and more
– Design amazing creative Ads in minutes
– In one click increase sales with powerful targeted Facebook and google ad campaigns.
– Give personalized support to your customers with the apps built in chat
– Online calendar for appointments and more…

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: ecommerce, Online, Ads
Focus Industries: SMBs

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