AU10TIX is the forerunner of 100% automated, forensic-level fraud detection, full service customer onboarding & KYC.


AU10TIX is the forerunner of 100% automated, full-service ID authentication and onboarding, with focus on KYC-regulated markets. AU10TIX powers companies such as Paypal, Goolge, Nordea bank, BBVA bank, AirBnB, Uber, Payoneer, eToro, Coinbase, and other mostly KYC-regulated entities. AU10TIX full-service portfolio offers 100% end-to-end automated handling of ID documents, biometric face matching, Liveness detection, Proof-Of-Address documents, AML screening, KYC identity verification, and re-penetration monitoring. AU10TIX also offers a full range of front-end customer facing SDKs and WebApp, with adjustable process flow and customization. Thanks to its roots in solutions for airport security and border control environments, AU10TIX solutions incorporate forensic-level forgery, counterfeiting and collateral risk detection, enhanced global coverage. AU10TIX 100% automation has demonstrated the value of non-dependence on manual back office work for completing a full process: It proved entirely unaffected by COVID19 lockdowns, offers fastest full process turnaround, enables up to +300% success rates with borderline quality images, and detect fraud and risk that conventional solutions cannot. AU10TIX is a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V, one of the world’s leading airport security companies for over 30 years.

Solutions for SMEs

In a market that effectively offers semi-automation and visual based fraud detection, AU10TIX is the single one offering 100% end-to-end automation. With forensic-level forgery, counterfeiting and risk detection.This is extremely valuable to SMEs, as they do not have excess resources to handle the extra manual work resulting from semi-automation.In addition, AU10TIX offers a full portfolio, including front-end SDKs & WebApp, that enable SMEs to structure their desired solution from one vendor, and modularly.


– 100%automation end-to-end.
– Forensic level forgery, counterfeiting & risk detection.
– Unmatched coverage.
– Fastest turnaround (thanks to full automation).
– Up to +300% high conversion rates with sub-optimal image qualities.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: KYC; Athentication; Payments; Money transfer; investment.
Focus Industries: All, inc.Banking, Insurance, Gaming, Mobility, Lending, Crypto.

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