BBT.Live provides Cloud-based SD-WAN smart connectivity solutions


We enable reliable connectivity for IoT devices, smart cities, automotive, military, public transportation, enterprise and more. Whether part of mass transit, interstate trucking or emergency services, the right SD-WAN implementation can go a long way. With our Technology – WAN links unite to connect simultaneously, providing a reliable and resilience private network with self healing capabilities. Our unique SD-WAN architecture will allow you to enjoy from benefits like VPNs, network Firewalls and WAN optimization – all on the go. simple solutions for complex problems.

Solutions for SMEs

With an increasing number of ‘IoT’ devices which are dependent on accessing the internet from anywhere and anytime, users expect applications delivered with a consistent level of performance, security and reliability, while having a cost-effective easy-to-deploy solution. We at deliver managed networks to deliver the business needs, especially in remote environments but not only.


– Software / Hardware Solutions.
– 4 Built in Cellular Inputs (could be delivered with Ethernet cables for offices).
– Field proven with IoT devices.
– Lower Cost of Ownership.
– Easy to Deploy and Manage.
– Connectivity & Security.
– Cloud & On Prem.
– Cloud & Edge Computing.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: HLS, Smart/Safe cities.
Focus Industries: Several, inc. Manufacturing, Carriers, Enterprise.

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