Billbeez is a financial intelligence suite for small businesses


Billbeez provides owners with leapfrog capabilities in finance, enabling them to jump from having no financial expertise, to make real-time decisions using the knowledge of the best data-driven CFO. Instead of using many different apps, Billbeez acts as a super app, simplifying day-to-day financial operations such as bill payments, as well as streamlining communication by connecting owners and stakeholders to one unified solution.

Solutions for SMEs

None of us wanted COVID-19 to happen, however, it created opportunities for holistic solutions like Billbeez, that enables remote interactions, digital payments, and friction-less workflow, in one place. Billbeez solution is targeting a seamless experience for owners, this results in 90% retention rate and in owners, who have no financial knowledge, spending over 180 minutes every months in Billbeez, a financial solution.


Seamless experience:
– One consolidated overview increases efficiency.
– UX is built for owners 1st, then for professionals.
– Financial tasks are automated and easy to execute.

Network effect potential:
– Access to multiple stakeholders (accountant, vendors, etc.).
– Multiple interactions (bill pay, data-entry, etc.).
– Reduces churn.

Data-driven vs semi-intuitive:
– High engagement & enriched data enable personalization.
– Businesses get actionable, well-timed insights.
– Combined data enable to make smart decisions in realtime.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Fintech; Saas.
Focus Industries: All SMB exc. restaurants.

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