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Certomo is a financial aggregation platform serving Chief Financial Officers Treasurers, Controllers and other financial executives.
We provide international businesses with the ability to manage value, liquidity and risk. Our Product offers a full dashboard view for all of a business’ bank accounts, from *any* bank in the world; finds and suggests the fastest and most cost-effective banking portfolio as well as manage your cash and foreign currency accounts.

Solutions for SMEs

We have found that businesses that operate across several countries and often transact with numerous banks and currencies, face unique challenges related to real-time, on demand access to critical financial data.
We offer a unique solution that serves the financial executive team, allows them to leverage and apply data to advanced strategies that dramatically improve liquidity, as well as operational & FX risk management.


– Business to business financing.
– Faster distribution of funds.
– Real-time position of cash.
– Liquidity across all accounts.
– Currency risk management.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Fintech; Cash, Liquidty, Risk, Foreign currencies, Credit, Financing.
Focus Industries: All businesses with a complex or international banking portfolio.

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