Deceptive Bytes

Active Endpoint Cyber Defense - Prevention by Deception


Deceptive Bytes, a leader in endpoint deception technology, provides its Active Endpoint Deception platform to enterprises & MSSPs which enables them real-time prevention of unknown and sophisticated threats. The solution dynamically responds to threats as they evolve, based on the current detected stage of compromise and changes their outcome, giving defenders the upper-hand in protecting their assets and data. Recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Security Operations and Threat Intelligence, 2019 report.

Solutions for SMEs

By reducing the operational burden & costs and reducing the expertise needed to operate such a security tool, Deceptive Bytes’ platform helps protect SMEs from advanced threats they’re facing every day. As a preventative solution, SMEs & their MSSPs are only notified about a cyber event without any further action needed, allowing the SME to focus on their business rather then dealing with operational interruptions and down time.


– Deceptive Bytes helps close the gap current antivirus/antimalware solutions have.
– Reducing overall operational burden, costs, and time to prevention/detection.
– Using Windows built-in, advanced antimalware & firewall with no additional costs.
– Centralized management: managing everything under Deceptive Bytes’ platform, giving defenders a more comprehensive field of view on the organization’s security status.
– Prevention of unknown & sophisticated threats.
– Best ROI for endpoint security stack for customers in all sizes.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Endpoint Protection, Deception.
Focus Industries: All - solution is industry agnostic.

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