Taking Control Over Identity and Data Security in the Public Cloud


Excessive access is the biggest risk to data in the public cloud. Ermetic leverages continuous visibility into identities, entitlements, and data to power access policy definition, automation and enforcement at scale. In IaaS/PaaS environments, identity and data security is your responsibility alone. Complex infrastructure and DevOps velocity make it difficult to enforce granular least-privilege access policies.

Solutions for SMEs

Cloud computing is the solution for many SMEs – whether it’s due to the cost, flexibility, or business agility. It also introduces new challenges to the organisation, on different domains and specifically when it comes to secure and protect your data. Complex infrastructure and DevOps velocity make it difficult to enforce least-privilege access policies. Ermetic leverages continuous visibility and analytics to achieve automation for remediation and enforcement.


– Hundreds of identities, roles, and policies.
– No contextual usage data to reveal what access is required, and what can be eliminated.
– Dev and Ops make frequent changes to code.

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Focus Industries: All - solution is industry agnostic.

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