Database entry multilingual searching, matching & mapping solution AML


The database entry multilingual database searching, matching & mapping solution for anti money laundering (AML). Using patented phonetic fingerprinting technology, transforming names into mathematical sequences, based upon the pronunciation “”Computational Linguistics”” instead of the its spelling. Matching names misspelled, written in different formatting (unstructured), multiple languages/alphabets and transliteration mistakes, by using the proprietary core technology of over 42 algorithms from machine learning, computational linguistics, advanced mathematics in phonetics & AI, The AML services: Ongoing Customer, Transaction & KYC screening.

Solutions for SMEs

AML name screening is a regulatory must! not only banks but also insurance/payment companies, casinos, international trade, jewelry & art sellers, car agencies, SME in general. All must comply as it is a criminal offense not too, as committing KYC onboarding process for customers/vendors, screen entire customer database every time a sanction list is updated (3 per/w), screen the sender & beneficiary of any transactions exceeding $250. International companies that trade in million must commit KYC process of their vendors and suppliers too.

UNIQUE SELLING POINTS AML “Regtech 100” (2021) name screening and verification solutions is already proven to reduce significantly false positives, ensure no false negatives and facilitate optimization of compliance operations be it saving time and cost.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Database CRM unification, management and searching ; AML.
Focus Industries: Several, inc. Gaming, Financial Services.

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