GamaSec detects and prevents web cyber attacks


GamaSec combines its own propriety virtual hacker scanning technologies including web vulnerability scanning, daily malware detection, application Firewall (WAF) with DDoS detection and cyber video training awareness, this combination of a proprietary security platform and industry knowhow enables GamaSec to deliver industry-leading to address the risks that SMEs may face.

Solutions for SMEs

GamaSec provides a solution dedicated to the SMBs to prevent and minimize cyber risk exposure, finding web and Cyber weaknesses that can lead to cyber-attacks, detecting them before cybercriminals abuse them first.


GamaSec already partner with several cyber insurance company in the UK and worldwide integrating GamaSec cyber solution into SMB’s cyber insurance
An Cyber enterprise technology adapted to the SMB’s to provide detection, prevention and cyber education as a global shop services
All provided based on an easy to manage online cloud dashboard, with daily and monthly reports, designed effectively in a color-coded and graphical format to provide the flexibility to satisfy all audiences, from upper management to Technical system administrators

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Cyber protection, Malware detection, Application Firewall (WAF), Web detection, Cyber training awareness.
Focus Industries: All SMBs, Insurtech.

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