Gaviti is a receivable collection management solution


Gaviti is a receivable collection management solution enabling SMEs to get more of their invoices paid faster with its next-generation solution. Trusted by companies worldwide, Gaviti revolutionizes the collection process for the best results. Our solution automates a business’s collection policy – including a self-service portal for the debtor-clients, provides actionable insights for performance improvement, all while allowing the executive team to coordinate the collection effort and receive reports on demand.

Solutions for SMEs

Gaviti enables SMEs to increase cashflow, improve DSO and reduce write offs and reserves.


– Easy to integrate with ANY ERP.
– Predictive analytics for cashflow forecast and high-risk clients.
– Impact collection KPIs by the next billing cycle.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Enterprise, SaaS, Fintech.
Focus Industries: Any B2B business.

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