In-house fully automated loyalty manager for SMBs


Founded in 2014 initially as an app creating software for SMBs, Glue has evolved into a cloud-based automatic customer loyalty platform with an enhanced members club and advanced features. Backed by a group of leading private investors and headquartered in Israel, Glue offers micro and small local businesses fully automated loyalty programs, helping business owners recover their local customer-base, grow their revenue, and take time consuming loyalty tasks off their schedules.

Solutions for SMEs

Glue’s goal is to empower SMBs to transform their clients into lifetime brand ambassadors. Digitization of “”traditional”” businesses has become extremely valuable and relevant for business owners in recent years, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic and the era of social distancing. Glue supports SMBs in creating and/or increasing their digital presence, enabling them to handle online bookings, orders, payments, and basically manage their entire operation online.


While other solutions demand the business owners’ constant attention, and require a great deal of time and hassle, Glue’s platform is completely automated loyalty platform not only saves business owners valuable time, and effort, but in fact serves as an additional employee, fully invested in growing and maintaining the customers loyalty aspect of the business.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Focus Industries: All - solution is industry agnostic.

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