Secure workspaces managed from the cloud, deployed in minutes


Hysolate is a software platform that enables locally deploying and remotely managing virtual, secured, environments on a single endpoint, with a unified and seamless user experience. Using Hysolate, organizations can implement strong OS-based isolation to secure corporate access, while unlocking user productivity.

Solutions for SMEs

Hysolate successfully delivers security and productivity across an organization. We do this by enabling work from home employees (or 3rd parties) with unmanaged devices to securely connect to corporate assets remotely. We isolate a corporate VM and restrict network access with a fast & simple onboarding process. We enable remote workers to work in the most productive way possible by allowing them unrestricted web access, ability to install apps and give them full access to external devices such as printers and USB sticks etc.


– First solution enabling organizations to instantly create, deploy and manage local virtual environments on any workstation.
– Deployable on a mass scale in a matter of minutes and there are no datacenter costs, unlike with a VDI solutions.
– Centrally managed, with flexible policy settings to securely control apps and networking etc.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Isolation, Endpoint Security. SAW.
Focus Industries: All - solution is industry agnostic.

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