Managing complex projects made simple and collaborative


JustDo’s mission is to help you achieve your business goals by making sure nothing falls between the cracks. Projects involve multiple business functions, internal as well as external resources and span locations and time-zones. Asynchronous communication and coordination become key, especially with remote workers. With JustDo you can easily plan, execute, and track your portfolio of projects. Associate all content and relevant communication with the appropriate tasks and allow each user to view and manipulate only their appropriate segment of the project’s task pool. Whilst providing managers a bird’s eye view of current status and progress.

Solutions for SMEs

JustDo helps SMEs to scale while improving efficiency and productivity. By effectively managing their portfolio of projects and day to day tasks in one platform they can focus on creating customer value. Remote employees, contingent workers, sub-contractors, and even customers and vendors work collaboratively, where each can view and manipulate only the relevant tasks. The business owners and managers no longer are stretched across all business functions as they attain visibility and control while managing load and empowering their team.


– Coherent view: Gantts, resource planning, timelines, dependencies and much more, can all be viewed side by side simultaneously.
– Contextuality: content, chat messages, email communication as well as meeting notes and action items are related to a task, so you find all relevant information in one place
– Clarity of ownership: promotes accountability and guarantee that nothing falls between the cracks
– Scalability: support of unlimited number of tasks and members plus any type of organizational structure or project complexity.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: productivity tool, Task management, time tracking.
Focus Industries: Any project driven company can benefit from implementing JustDo. Most of our customers are from the high-tech industry.

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