Marketing AI for Retail - offline to online


Pairzon is a leading AI technology solution for retailers which connects the in-store consumer to its online identity enabling retailers to boost sales, retention and customer engagement dramatically. Combining in-depth behavioral analytics and advanced machine learning with data from existing sources. Dramatic improvement in Business ROAS (Offline): Robust and accurate analytics of offline and online customers engagement while comparing across varying ads channels and platforms, as well as revenue attribution and ROAS reporting, which Leads to dramatic increase in sales and retention.

Solutions for SMEs

In implementing Pairzon personalized looalike audiences for digital campaigns, retailers will see results imidiatelly:
– 5% lift in total revenue per customer
– 90% increase in CTR was by using the Pairzon’s audience within three months.
– 40% lift in conversion
With Pairzon, the Retailer was able to manage a smaller Budget, and bring 10X more people to the stores who spend 10X more money par campaign and multiply X3 times the number of users who joined the loyalty program.


– Marketing orchestration and Personalization.
– AI for Marketing with prediction analytics.
– Personalization for Retail (Personalized lookalike audiences).
– Offline to online conversion.
– In-store ROAS optimization (return on advertisement Spent).

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: E-commerce , Data enrrichment, AI for marketing , Personalization, Offline-to-Online , Physical retail.
Focus Industries: "Retail Businesses with physical stores, digital strategy in place, digital campaigns allocated budget, and which are struggling to measure in-store ROI . Also - Fashion, beauty & cosmetics , drugstores , furniture, eletroelertonics, credit cards, automotive and others.

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