Business-ready automated predictive analytics platform


Pecan is an AI-based predictive analytics platform that generates actionable, accurate predictions on your data in the shortest time possible. Our platform automates the heavy lifting in data science to deliver scalable predictive models that reveal critical insights about the immediate future of your business. Pecan requires no coding or data prep and is usable by any analyst.

Solutions for SMEs

Pecan enables any business to apply AI capabilities to improve their business performance. The Pecan platform is an easy-to-use tool that provides any analyst the ability to create and deploy predictive models, creating actionable predictions to improve business performance, without needing to write even one line of code. Pecan helps businesses increase revenue, improve conversion and retention rates, predict sales and improve many more KPIs in a matter of days.


Pecan is an end-to-end platform, automating the entire process of predictive analytics, including the usually-painful process of data preparation and engineering, which usually require significant data science talent and expertise. The Pecan platform empowers business analysts to easily and rapidly create and deploy top notch predictive models without needing to be data scientists.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Operational excellence , sales forecasting, demand planning.
Focus Industries: Yes, retail, manufacturing, insurance, eCommerce, gaming, pharma, and others.

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