Allow robots to perform like humans


RobotAI, an Israeli startup based in Haifa, develops Computer Vision software that makes robots aware, adaptive to the environment, simplifies the way we interact with them. Our software extracts 3D position and orientation of any object using a simple camera. This information allows the robot to detect objects and places and has numerous applications in robotics, automation, indoor navigation and augmented reality.

Solutions for SMEs

We simplify and make it cheaper development of 3D vision automation solutions. It allows small size companies to create a huge impact on the industry without investment n development or equipment, simplifies their ways to reach the market.


We use software and a single 2D camera (like a webcam) to extract position and orientation information (6DoF) of any known object. We mimic basic brain capability, The solution does not require laser, light projection or multiple cameras. It outperforms active vision solutions in speed, precision, cost, weight and form factors.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Robotics, Automation, Vision
Focus Industries: Any sector or business using robots can benefit from our system

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