UNIPaaS financial services

Payments and Fintech white label platform provided 'as a service'


UNIPaaS is a global, cloud-based Fintech platform designed to respond to the diverse payment needs of your growing business. We deliver secure, reliable and compliant ‘as a service’ solutions to scaling digital platforms and merchants. The UNIPaaS solution provides your business with innovative pay-in/pay-out options both locally and globally. UNIPaaS solution will enhance your customers journey and open the path to add advanced financial services as new growth engines. UNIPaaS solution will drive up your margins while sparing you from dealing with the technical, operation and regulatory hurdles involved in payments.

Solutions for SMEs

– OneClick Payment Link – Super flexible payment link generator implemented through various channels: Video Calls, Invoicing, Social media, Blogs, Chats, email etc. We generate and host a secure payment link for you.You send a link, your customer pays, and you get paid.
– WebSDK – Design your own payment checkout page. Avoid the hassle of PCI certification. One, unified customer experience.
– Single API – Save many integrations efforts.


– Ground-Up design for digital platforms and modern user experience.
– Easy onboarding for sellers. Minimises documentation and other friction points.
– Can hold or delay funds until goods are delivered or services rendered.
– Minimises risk through security mechanisms such as fraud filters and encryption.
– Adheres to compliance regulations such PCI and Know Your Customer.
– Can split payments – multiple sellers per cart, or tax and commission deduction.
– BaaS features – Banking as a Service.

Relevant for SMEs with number of employees:

Additional Categories: Fintech, Payments, Banking as a service.
Focus Industries: Marketplaces, Gig economy, eCommerce, Food, On-line Games. ISVs and SaaS related to online business.

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